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White Turkey Chilli with Cannellini Beans & White Pepper

This White Turkey Chilli is very quick to make, as it is made with leftover turkey and canned cannellini beans.  It is low in fat, high in fiber, and has a lot of heat and pungency from the freshly ground white pepper.  Add this to your weekly repertoire for a healthy, comforting dish for Fall and Winter.

November 21, 2009


   Wow, what a great sounding Chilli! I love turkey chilli (partly since its less fat than beef). The cannelli beans are such a nice touch! I'll be sure and make this with the leftovers from Thanksgiving. Oh & I hope you and Emma have realy nice Thanksgivings.

         Wow, I love turkey chilli! It's so much healthier than beef chilli! I love the cannelli beans~thats such a nice touch! I'll be sure and make this with Thanksgiving leftovers. I hope you and Emma have wonderful Thanksgivings.

Thanks Jon! We also hope you have a great Thanksgiving.  This chili is great, and I will definitely be making it as well. I have made it so many times in preparation for the episode, and still can't get enough!

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