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Lamb, Quince, & Cider Stew

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Lamb, Quince, & Cider Stew

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Lamb, Quince, & Cider Stew

1 lb of cubed lamb

½ carrot, sliced in large rounds

½ onion, large dice

½ celery stalk, large chunks

Few sprigs of rosemary

Few sprigs of thyme

Pinch of hyssop

1 clove of garlic, smashed

Hard cider (about 1 cup)

A splash of oil

Salt and pepper

Season the meat generously with salt and pepper. Put in a medium-large container. Add all of the ingredients, pouring over enough cider to cover the meat and a dash of oil. Marinate for 8 hours, or overnight. If you can, turn the meat over in the marinade, to make sure it is all coated well.

For the stew:
For the vegetables that you will cook with the meat, there are no specific amounts, but be reasonable. You are including 3 different vegetables, so don’t put so much of anyone that overpowers the others, or so much of all of them, that you can no longer enjoy the meat. As for size, keep in mind that you want to eat this comfortably with a fork or spoon, so don’t cut them too big.

2 tablespoons butter or oil or a combination of the two (you will probably need more, so keep it on hand)

½ quince, peeled and cut into medium-sized chunks

½ carrot, cut into medium-sized chunks

½ sweet potato, cut into medium sized chunks

½ parsnip, same as carrots and sweet potatoes

Lamb meat, drained from marinade

1 tablespoon all purpose flour

Cider (enough to cover the stew ingredients)

Rosemary, Thyme, Bay leaf,  and black pepper (tied in a bundle or in cheesecloth)

Heat the butter/oil in a heavy-bottomed pot. I love Le Creuset pots for making stews. Every woman must have one.
Add the quince, carrot, sweet potato, and parsnip and cook stirring occasionally, until they gain some color. Transfer to a plate or bowl.
Toss the lamb meat with the flour and coat evenly.
Heat up more fat in the pot until very hot and add the meat. You only want to add enough meat to cover the bottom of the pan, so that you can brown each side well. Don’t poke at it or turn it over too soon, or it won’t create as much flavor for the stew. You might have to do this in a few different rounds. Each time, wipe out the pan and add more oil.
Once you have browned all of the meat nicely, deglaze the pot by pouring in a few tablespoons of cider, just enough to wet the bottom. Scrape up the brown solids stuck on the bottom of the pan and add all of the meat and vegetables back to the pot. Pour in enough cider to just cover the ingredients. Add the herbs. Bring the liquid to a bare boil, then let it simmer quietly for 1-1/2 hours, or until the meat is falling apart at the touch.
That is it!!!!

December 22, 2009


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