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Ginger Miso Soup Recipe

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Ginger Miso Soup Recipe

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Ginger Miso Soup

1 2-inch knob of ginger
6 cups water
2 cups loose shitake mushrooms, cleaned and chopped in half
1 cup kale (about 3 leaves)
2 heaping tablespoons white miso paste
1 handful soba noodles (sometimes they come segmented into bunches, you need about one bunch)
½ large carrot, peeled (optional)
1 scallion (optional)

Make the ginger broth by grating the knob of ginger with a cheese grater, and then putting it into a pot with the 6 cups of water. You should have about 2 tablespoons of grated ginger to infuse.
Bring the water to a boil and simmer slightly for about 15 minutes. Let it sit for another 15 minutes if you can, but you are welcome to go along at this point.

Bring another pot of water to a boil. Cook the soba noodles for about 6 minutes in the boiling water, drain, and rinse them with cold water. Set the cooked noodles aside.

Drain the infused ginger broth of the grated ginger and bring the liquid to a boil.
Add in the shitake mushrooms and simmer until soft, and then add in the kale and simmer until cooked through. Turn off the heat.
Now, place the miso into a small bowl. Pour in some of the soup water, and soften the miso. Pour everything back into the pot and stir until the miso is well integrated into the soup.

Serve the dish by placing a heap of noodles in a bowl, then covering with the broth, making sure to get a good amount of kale and mushrooms in each serving.

Slice the carrots into thin strips, and thinly slice the scallions. Use these as a garnish on the soup.

Serves 4.


what a lovely way to make Miso soup! I love the idea of using ginger~the carrots & scallion are a wonderful addition too! I love making soup & hope to try this one soon.

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