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Homemade Pasta: Lovers Pistachio Pasta, Pumpkin Ravioli, and Whole Wheat Hazelnut

January 5, 2009

We are in our third week of homemade pastas with our video about how to make Pistachio Lovers Pasta. Homemade pasta might not be the first dish that comes to mind around the holidays, but we thought it would be something different. When you have something so tasty as pistachio pasta dough or whole wheat hazelnut dough, you do not need to over do the topping. Melted butter or olive oil, some sage, and Parmesan cheese is enough. It is the fact that it is homemade and rustic that makes it appropriate for special family dinners.

Now that we are edging out of the holidays and well into the depths of Winter, there is no reason why you can't still make a homemade pasta dish. During these hard economic times, we will all be eating more at home, which is actually an opportunity to be more creative in the kitchen. I hope to hear back from people with suggestions for what to top our Pistachio Lovers Pasta with (meant to be for pistachio lovers or pistachio "lovers pasta", get it?). In our video you can see me cutting across the length of the rolled out dough with a knife, but I found a helpful suggestion from Sugarlaws. She rolls the dough into a spiral and then slices through with a sharp knife. This is better way to do it, so that you get nice, even pieces of pasta.


I also love pasta. And to me, nothing compares to the taste of a homemade pasta recipe. - Barbara Wyer

I also love pasta. And to me, nothing compares to the taste of a homemade pasta recipe. - Barbara Wyer

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