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Black Bean Hummus

February 17, 2009
Black Bean Hummus

It has been long overdue, but I finally posted my Black Bean Hummus recipe. I had blogged about it last May, after having made it for our Cinco de Mayo Book Club meeting, but without the recipe. I am sorry that it has taken me this long to do it!

I was finally inspired to make it here in Miami as one of my South Beach recipes. They have this Latin version of the Lebanese dip on a lot of menus down here, as it is a popular healthy appetizer. I have seen a lot of Mediterranean fusion down here, and Black Bean Hummus seems like on of the most obvious dishes to translate. What I love about the way it is served around town is that it is always accompanied by lots of freshly chopped vegetables, like carrots and tomatoes. It looks like a healthy party on a plate. I am going to bring this to our Taco Night dinner party tonight and see what the critics say!


Surely, this is some kind of a healthy recipe. This would be a great meal for children at home. - YOR Health

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