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Back from England!

May 2, 2009
Fergus Henderson of St. John's restaurant

I am back from a week in London, and ready for action! I have spent the past 8 days in England, enjoying the parks and squares, and eating some local grub. One of the highlights from my trip was an interview with Fergus Henderson of St. John's restaurant near Smithfield market. I dined there with two friends one night in the bar area and loved everything.

One of the things that Fergus had mentioned to me was that the English have whole-heartedly embraced the Mediterranean diet, as if it were their own. It is funny, because it is very noticeable when you are there. Almost every other restaurant serves panini, pizza, pasta, all with fresh tomatoes and mozzarella. What St. John's serves is another type of British food, dishes that use every part of the animal. Out of respect, or "politeness" to the animal, as he would say.

There were other highlights here and there, like falling in love with oat biscuits, which are a superior cracker to eat with cheese. "Brambles", or gin with muddled berries and soda water. And "Cider with Black", hard cider mixed with some black currant syrup. I was happy to eat some English food for a while and see where they are with food, but I am more than happy to be back shopping with the farmers I am familiar with and paying in dollars.



I never thought food in England would be that interesting but you've peaked my interest.

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